Visit these Spots in Philippines to Party


Exploring Philippines during the day is one of the best things to do with friends and family members. However, during the night one should visit some of the best pubs and bars to have a great time. From sipping to your favorite drinks to dancing to some of the grooviest tunes, these are some of the best clubs and bars you should visit during your time in Philippines.

  1. Prisma – Prisma is known to be a fancy bar comprising of tropical vibe from the inside. It’s a quite bar known to serve some of the finest drinks. For a romantic and dining experience, couples need to visit this bar.
  2. Boracay Pub Crawl – Boracay Pub Crawl is one of the rare bars that do not require guests to wear expensive and fancy clothes. The bar itself offers a yellow shirt for men and women before heading to the dance floor.
  3. Valkyrie Nightlife –Manilla is a town in Philippines known to offer a variety of bars and clubs. One of which is Valkyrie Nightlife that is known to be huge and made especially for those who wish to dance on the dancefloor. Popular music from all over the world comes to this club to play some of the best tracks.
  4. City of Dreams – After Valkyrie Nightlife, another popular bar is the City of Dreams in Manilla. This bar is known to be one of the very best when it comes to offering some of the finest drinks to all.

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