Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips – How to Clear Green or Dark Water

Does your pond have green or black water that looks suspicious? Does this look like a swampy creature who likes to row? The bad news is there is no quick and magical way to clean your black or green pool overnight.

Of course, the best swimming pool maintenance tip that anyone can give you right now is NEVER let your water get dirty. You can also check out online sources to get pool repairs in Long Island.

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However, if damage has already occurred – and you have the color to show – here are some pool care tips for removing black or green.

1. Dispose off large debris on the pool floor. Use large leaf nets, NEVER NEED a hand skimmer. Your pool will look worse than in the first place – but this is temporary. Debris will finally finish.

2. Adjust the level of alkalinity and pH of the water. You can do this using pH Minus, pH Plus, or Alkalinity Plus. Water will never be clear unless you maintain the right pH and alkalinity level.

3. Shock the water. How? With super chlorination! This will kill any algae or bacteria that may be present and develop. If the water is very dirty, you might need gallons for gallons of liquid, to use for several days until the water is clean.

4. Run the filter 24 hours every day. Moreover, backwash is at least 3 times a day. Clouds or green water quickly clog filters, so you may need to wash the filter several times every day until the water is clean.

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