Jerusalem An Old City Of Israel

A destination that shows historical relevance with the mix of modern architecture steals the attention of every tourist. Jerusalem is a place that is rich in historical and religious significance.

This is one of the oldest cities in the world that attracts tourists. You can get various packages for exclusive Jerusalem tours from Tel Aviv. The place of holy land signifies its importance for all three religions.

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Christians find it as the place of their Lord. That is the place where Jesus lived for many years in his life.

The Jews regarded the land as a gift to them from God. They found similarities with this city with the names mentioned in the Old Testament. And, Muslims believe that this is where their Prophet chose to teach his followers.

In addition, from the relevance of the Prophet Muhammad’s journey, they also anticipated that the land west of the Jordan River would become sacred to them. Each monument has its own historical and religious significance.

Jerusalem is a city that cannot be separated from tourist attractions. There are many travel aids that provide attractive tour packages to Jerusalem. This trip makes a satisfying visit to all historical and religious places throughout the city of Jerusalem.

Walking through an ancient limestone wall in the old city of Jerusalem is no less than experiencing a few historic moments. With a touch of sacredness, Jewish warning is a must-visit for tourists. The Mount of Olives gives freshness to your breath.

The Dome of the Rock is a very nice part of the Temple located at Temple Mount. There are many places like that that have different significance since the time of Constantine.

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