Information Tourists Should Remember before Travelling to India


So, you are excited about a trip to India? Good because you are going to have a great time. However, this time can be even better if you follow a few advices given to all foreign tourists. Here’s what you should remember before travelling to India

Dress Decently – India is still a traditional country where men and women wear clothes that completely cover them. You should also wear clothes that cover you well. If you are bothered by the heat, wear cotton clothes. Men can wear shorts, but women should wear clothes that go below knee length.

Beware of Touts – Since you are a foreigner, you will be surrounded by guides and cab drivers promising to show you around. Don’t fall for them as you can get easily cheated. It is much better and safer to go with an organised tour. Safety should be your top priority.

Keep Important Documents Safe – Your travel documents, passport, and visa should always be kept safely. Make extra copies of them and keep those safe as well. Most hotels offer good lockers, or you can carry them with you, but you’ll have to be extra careful.

Travel Advisory – Most countries have travel advisories for their citizens going to another country. Surely, your country will have one too. So, take a close look at your country’s travel advisory for India. It will have important information.

Embassy – Get the address and contact details of your country’s embassy situated in India. It may come useful in case of any unforeseen issues.

Follow the above advice and look for the best India tour packages with prices to save money as well.

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