Foundation Waterproofing Substances

Foundation waterproofing is a technique in which the defensive covering is applied to the exterior partition to control the water from inflowing to the interior of the basement. It helps out to maintain the dryness and without this water be able to penetrate through fissures.

Hydro Guard

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If you are looking for a solution for basement overflow then it is required to meet with foundation experts of organization Fonda Structure regarding this concern. There are several materials used in foundation waterproofing given below.


Cement is an inexpensive and readily obtainable matter and is mixed up effortlessly and swept on a wall. Apart from it, the acrylic solution is added to build a strong acquaintance on the plane.

Rubber Film:

It is an efficient and environment-friendly way to defend your cellar from flooding. Along with that it does not be full of noxious essence and applied to both internal and external areas to not only impede water but also pest and dampness.


Tartan is a solid and adhesive material that can be applied to the surface and work as a hurdle to come into the basement and is applied in the form of layers.


Bentonite is a clay-like matter that has the capability to soak up water and generate an everlasting seal. It is also a non-hazardous substance and looks after the close by belongings from damage.


A drainpipe is established to put off water from constructing its path into the basement.

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