When Technology Meets Tennis

Technology has advanced rapidly over the last two decades, and it contributed to innovative development in various fields and industries, including sports like tennis. Technology continues to influence and help scientists tennis, tennis equipment manufacturer, and players find a better way to improve your game.

Australian Open shows how technology has helped improve tennis. Back in 1905 to 1987, the Australian Open held on grass courts, which are expensive to maintain and unreliable when wet… You can find the latest information about upcoming tennis matches and tennis match live results via visiting online.

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Therefore, the court corrected in 1988 and turned into a hard court. Australia uses Plexicushion court, the acrylic top for consistency in bounce and to make them ideal for every weather in the country.

Tennis racket has long risen from a wooden frame with gut strings are the higher-end aluminum, graphite, composites, carbon fiber, and a steel frame with a wider choice of string. Some players may still prefer gut strings, but the development of technology and invention helps to increase their durability.

Carbon fiber and graphite racquet become favored because they are durable and lightweight. Therefore, players can improve their game and enjoy the sport better. Tennis racket manufacturers continue to develop their technology to come up with a solution to reduce vibration and make their products more flexible for certain types of players.

Several developments have resulted in a racket that hit harder. Technology helps improve umpire in a tennis tournament as well. Line-calling used to be totally based on human judgment. Now, some tournaments, such as the Australian Open, using the Hawk-Eye line-calling for electronically reviewing court to ensure that the outcome is fair and unbiased, and minimize fraud.

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