Varieties Of DUI Enhancements

There can be different types of DUI enhancements. Some of them are explained below:

DUI Manslaughter

When a DUI accident ends in death, the costs increase to DUI homicide. Although the deaths in these cases were unintentional, the indictment continues to be accompanied by severe penalties in most states. DUI’s murder is a Level 5 Felony, which is a very serious accusation.

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Felony DUI

The DUI fee for the first offense is generally a minor offense. But with enhancements or previous beliefs, DUI costs turn out to be crime very quickly. Such factors include several penalties, death, the presence of children, bodily damage, property damage, and more.

DUI violation

Allegations of typical DUI are minor crimes, unless there is an increase involved or someone has a previous DUI sentence within a certain period (usually 5 to 10 years). The first DUI offense was a minor Class C offense, but with a BAC rate higher than 0.15%, they jumped to Class A violations. With the help of lawyers, Level 6 DUI crimes can often be reduced to DUI errors.

DUI Property Damage

When a DUI accident ends with property damage, penalties and fines increase dramatically. One can expect longer prison time, stricter sentence agreements, and extreme fines. And even though this is considered an aggravated DUI, they are not always accused of being criminals. However, if property damage is extensive, costs tend to increase to criminal acts.

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