Useful Foot Care Tips For Diabetes

As a diabetic, you are more than likely aware that taking good care of your feet is very important. If you need some help you can visit a podiatrist, they will give you tips for diabetic foot care in Reisterstown. Diabetes can cause you to have low blood pressure and to develop infections very easily.

This could lead to some complications, in case you do not have good hygiene or if you wear clothes or shoes that are too tight. Keep in mind that most complications can be avoided if you keep your blood sugar level under control. Check your sugar level regularly throughout your day and make sure it stays between 70 and 140 milligrams per deciliter.

You should examine your feet once a day. If you notice some minor injuries, treat them immediately in Reisterstown. Sterilize the area and apply a band-aid clean. Change a band-aid on a regular basis and apply more disinfectant if required. 

If the cut occurs, go see your doctor to make sure it is properly cleaned and bandaged. If you see a few bruises on your legs, apply a soothing cream and check frequently to make sure the area bruises are not spreading.

Wear comfortable shoes that will make a real difference. Tight shoes can keep your blood from circulating properly. High heels are definitely not a good choice. If you are having problems, schedule an appointment with a podiatrist immediately to get your feet checkup.

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