Understanding the Basics of Landscape Design

The key to creating a beautiful and elegant landscape is achieving a harmonious balance between the classic simplicity of nature and the modern architectural elegance of your home. This perfect union between home and garden provides a pleasant life both inside and outside your place of residence.

The most basic step in planning a garden design that is functional and attractive, regardless of how complicated or simple, is careful consideration of the style of the house, as well as the size of the entire property. With this information, you can decide on the overall landscape design theme and begin to incorporate important elements and principles of garden design into your plan.

Defining Landscape Design Elements of Custom Landscaping in Stuart, Palm City, FL – Tropiscapes

There is far more to understanding the basics of landscape design than just choosing an array of plants and positioning them in your yard. First, there are key elements that, when properly applied to your design, will create a comfortable and pleasant outdoor living area.

Lines and geometric patterns can facilitate the movement of direction through the landscape and display important aspects of your space.

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Scale – A set of colors that presents complementary patterns can bring the whole page together.

Scale – It is important to choose plants and trees that are scaled correctly throughout the surrounding landscape.

Textures – The various textures of leaves, stems and petals add detail to your garden’s design.

Shapes – The shapes and physical attributes of plant life in design produce natural patterns that give your outer space an appeal and style.

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