Migrate To Australia Through Sponsorship Visa

Australia is the land of various attractions, temperate climates, and friendly people. However, this has become more popular nowadays for a strong economy, a number of opportunities and vacancies for foreign skilled workers.

Here, we will see ‘Australian Nomination Skills Visa’ also referred to as ‘Australian Sponsor Visa’ or ‘Australian Temporary Work Visa’ under subclass 489. You can also consult an immigration expert for Sponsorship visa in Australia.

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Australia’s Provisional Work Visa is a point-based visa for trained professionals nominated by a region or state or sponsored by qualified relatives who live in one of the designated areas in Australia.

This visa is valid for 4 years and working and living in the specified regional area is a must for holders of this Visa. An important and useful feature of this Visa is that certain family members can be included in this application.

This visa allows applicants and dependents to temporarily study, work and live in an area designated by Australia.

Traveling in and out of Australia while valid with this visa and after certain requirements are met, it also paves the way to Permanent Residency through the Skilled Regional Visa (subclass 887).

Because this is a visa that can be applied strictly through an invitation, there are certain obligations that must be met.

Applicants must stay in the designated region or country for a minimum of two years, inform the region or state of address changes, provide information, and complete surveys when requested.

Here are some things that need to be understood about migrating to Australia through a Skilled Nomination Visa.