Some Simple Steps of Powder Coating in a Powder Booth

Powder coating is the process of coating a surface with powdered substance. Although power coating is used in a wide range of products, it is preferred for metal manufacturing.

The whole process of powder coating is carried out in a booth power as during the objects are suspended in the air. The coating is carried out by applying a compressor electrostatic or compressed air method. Some simple steps can help you learn what the powder coating process is:

Initially, it is necessary to clean the substrate is working with chemical cleaning or abrasive blasting. This ensures that all the oil passage, dirt and other particles are cleaned off the bottom. Moreover, the completely cleaned substance helps avoid flaws in the finished product. If you want to get a powder coating booth for sale, then you can click at

In order to protect the material beyond, it is pretreated using a conversion coating or a chemical pretreatment. This helps in removing surface contamination or irregularities from steel or other metal products and creates a smooth surface finish.

The pretreatment is generally performed in a powder coating booth. The area you are not willing to layer powder simply mask using a tape that is used specifically for the high temperatures and also designed for powder coating only. The use of any other type of tape will cause melting and also a major problem.

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