Scoliosis – What Happens In This Condition?

Abnormal curvature of the spine is known as scoliosis. Scoliosis condition if not treated in time can cause various problems such as deformities of the spine and back pain constantly.

Scoliosis may be the reason behind a lot of problems such as the expansion of the lungs and blood circulation is not true. This can seriously affect the normal functioning of the lungs and heart. One can get to know about scoliosis analysis through an online search.

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There is no known cure for scoliosis but treatments are available for it. In most cases, this condition is very light and can be easily treated. Scoliosis is idiopathic. Scoliosis begins in people during his / her childhood years and the increase to rapid growth during the period of puberty.

Girls run a greater risk of scoliosis than boys. In maximum cases, believed to have started during childhood but some can even develop in adulthood.

Another reason can be that the condition of scoliosis is diagnosed during the early years of the patient.

Scoliosis can also be associated with defects in the spinal cord at birth. This defect can also cause spinal curvature. The medical term given for this type of scoliosis is scoliosis congenital condition.

Proper detection and confirmed Scoliosis can only be found in the X-ray of the spine. Under normal conditions at the x-ray, the spine will appear as a straight and very symmetrical. For people affected by scoliosis spine, an x-ray will show up in the form of the alphabet S or C.

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