Organic Loose Tea – A Healthy Alternative

A true tea lover knows that the real health benefits of this drink are not only determined by the type and taste. Research has extensively demonstrated that the type of leaves used and the actual manufacturing process can also increase the benefits of tea.

Loose tea, for example, is produced only from high-quality leaves and offers a better body and taste and higher levels of healthy antioxidants than tea bags. You can purchase ‘organic herbal tea’(which is also known as ‘tisane bio’ in the French Language) by visiting Malindo.

th bio - Bonne humeur BIO - malindo

Although the global production rate of 3.5 million kg in 2003 and the predicted annual growth ratio of 10%, organic loose tea is still a small player in the tea market and organic tea farming throughout the world is still small and rare.

Loose organic tea also offers various benefits for consumers. Because the farming methods used in organic plantations avoid pesticides and other hazardous chemicals, the end product is guaranteed to be all-natural and does not contain potentially toxic elements.

Thanks to its high antioxidant levels, loose teas that have been planted and produced organically provide more and better health benefits than loose tea or non-organic tea bags. This is useful for the prevention of several types of cancer, cardiovascular disease, heart attacks, and strokes.

The main problem with choosing loose-quality organic tea is ensuring that the product is truly 100% original organic and has not been damaged during the manufacturing process.

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