Must Visit Vienna And Know About The History And Culture Of Vienna

The City of Vienna, capital of Austria, is a metaphor for the new European and developing. Being rich in culture, Vienna has acquired a futuristic view in recent years that makes it one of the most popular tourist destinations on the continent. City once known as the “meeting point” for people has now become a favorite get-away spot.

Vienna has always been a city of culture and sights that testify to this fact. The best example of this would be a summer royal palace or Schloss Schonbrunn. This palace is one of the most visited sites in Vienna and really careful in terms of architectural beauty. Get your Vienna Time and Activity Planning via Vienna4Friends.

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This colossal structure contains about one thousand four hundred rooms. Only forty of these rooms are open to the public and can take one and a half days to complete the entire tour of the palace. The palace has its own zoo which is actually the oldest zoo in the world. Children who may be bored architecture are sure to have a great time at this zoo.

The next important place to visit in Vienna will be the University Botanical Gardens. The park covers nearly 8 hectares of land and is home to about ten thousand different species of plants and herbs. There are many rare species that grows in tropical greenhouses and palm houses are laid out in a way Victoria.

Next on your list should be the Vienna State Opera. It is one of the most famous European Opera companies and their performance will simply amaze you beyond your imagination. The opera house is a work of art in itself. When completely illuminated, this building of the 19th century looks exciting. The opera house also hosts the famous Vienna Opera Ball.

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