Looking For Best Bed Bug Treatment?

Do It Yourself: first bed bug treatment is the use of steam. It is not going to hit you hard in terms of money (maybe the price of a good steam clean) but it will take time and effort. So, here is what you do.

Closes and de-clutter the room:  get rid of all possibilities such as books, magazines, etc. where small blood suckers can hide. Put them in a sealed plastic bag and throw it away. It is essential that bag is sealed tightly so it does not spread lice to other areas of the house. You can search various online resources to find out more information about treatment for bed bug bites.

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Take all items from drawers and cupboards and inspect closely for bugs in all stages of growth.  There are many websites that will give a clear picture of what a bed bug looks like at all stages of their development.

If possible wash all items on a hot wash cycle, do this with the sheets as well. Anything that cannot be washed – try to put in a dryer on the high setting for approximately ten minutes – they cannot withstand the heat.

Now it’s time for the rest begin with dust everything, mattress, box spring, curtains, soft furnishings, inside drawers and cabinets, furniture and flooring, especially along the edges.

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