Learn Important Tips For Growing Curcuma Flower

Everyone desires to have a beautiful garden which calls for a careful selection of plants. Curcuma is spectacular plants and can help to achieve a tropical look for your garden. Also, they have a wide range of benefits which make them a great choice. These plants have certain guidelines that must be followed to ensure they thrive well. Here are some of the aspects you need to consider when growing curcuma flower.

The plant has specific soil requirements. The soil ought to be rich in organics, properly drained and slightly acidic. It must remain moist at all times to keep the flower from withering and dying. If the soil of your garden is quite sandy, consider adding significant amounts of organic matter prior to planting. You can also build a raised bed or dig sand to the plot if the soil is majorly clay.

It is important to consider the care needs of these plants. If your flower is potted, consider watering it on a regular basis to make sure the soil remains steadily moist. This will ensure the plant retains its appeal across different seasons. If you live in an area that is quite dry with low levels of humidity, you should mist the leafy area. This serves to raise the level of humidity around the foliage.

Buyers must consider the site where this plant will be placed. These tropical plants can either grow in the open sun or under a shade. It is advisable to expose them to the morning sun and keep them under shade in the afternoon. You can opt to expose them to the sun all day but you have to ensure the soils on which they are planted remains moist.

The planting of these plants must be carefully done to achieve the best results. Planting during the early spring when it is relatively warm is highly advisable. Ensure you set the plants to the soil using the same depth they had in the pot when transplanting. Additionally, when planting them in a garden that has many plants, consider placing them adjacent to shorter herbs and in front of taller ones.

The division is necessary for Curcuma to sustain their vigor. When dividing, check to ensure there are no signs of infections and each division has a considerable number of eyes. This will save you from having to wait long before the divisions grow fully. Also, when replanting the divisions, ensure rhizomes have some considerable depth to serve as a cold protection mechanism.

Pests and diseases must be taken into consideration. You must ensure the plants are not disturbed by such pests as slugs which tend to affect unfurling foliage. Ensure the containers are never dry to avoid infestation by spider mites. Also, check for signs of root rot in older plants and cut off any parts which are infected.

The flower can either be potted or placed in a garden. If you are potting them, make sure the pots are large enough to prevent its breakage as the roots of these plants grow. When planting in a garden, ensure it is warm and moist to promote the wellness of the plants.

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