How to Keep Your Hostel Dorms Clean?

Whenever one travels and decides to stay in a hostel, dirty rooms, kitchens, bathrooms are something that is usually on the dirty side. For instance; windows filled with dust, untidy cupboards, unwashed dishes are few of the things you will see. However, just because a hostel room is untidy does not necessarily mean you don’t have to stay in one. These are some of the ways on how you can keep the hostel rooms and other things clean.

Kitchen – As hostels allow travelers to use their kitchen, many of the travelers do not bother to clean the utensils after using them. One of the best ways to keep it clean is by using a detergent and warm water to wash the plates, knives, chopping boards, frying pans etc. Moreover, you may also need to wash plates and things used by others. If you follow this routine, then other travelers will also behave themselves.

Toilet – Next is the toilet where if you find a dirty bathroom, it is quite normal. One of the best ways to start cleaning is by using disposable wipes on the doorknobs and taps to get rid of the accumulated bacteria. Moreover, for the mirror, you need to apply toilet spray on it. Follow this practice and your roommates will start doing the same.

Extra – Apart from cleaning the bathrooms and kitchen, these are extra things that will help you in cleaning.

  1. A work that is started should never be left behind.
  2. Making a schedule for every traveler helps about their responsibilities.
  3. Playing soft music ensures other travelers that the cleaning process is taking place.

These are tips you need to follow while staying in hostels in Indonesia.

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