How To Build A Greenhouse

The greenhouse is a simple construction and building suitable for both experienced and beginner gardeners and do-it-yourself enthusiasts. Before you start the actual building, you need to do some planning. There are websites such as that provide the entire necessary information regarding greenhouse construction.


The most important of the greenhouse is that it should allow the plants to grow in because the sunlight is very important to get the maximum. Plants prefer morning sun so choose the south or the southeast side of the park. Of course if possible you should choose a spot that gets sun all day.

Type of Greenhouse

There are several types that you need to choose from so that you can get or draw a plan of your building. Many greenhouses attached to the house or other building often helps to save money on building materials.

The attached structure may be one of the sub-types of the following:

1. The window-mounted: They are attached to the side of the house.

2. Even-span: This is a full-sized structure that allows more room to grow, but more expensive plan.

3. Lean-to: ┬áThis is probably the most popular type – the half-glass, very cheap and easy to build.

The greenhouse needs good air circulation so that the ventilation system can be a good investment. When you are ready with all of this, note also the type of supply for watering your plants. While many gardeners only use hand watering, you can choose some kind of automated system that will allow you to know your plants safe even when you are not there.

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