Difference between Digital and Traditional Marketing


Marketing is regarded to be the most important tool for the success of any business. Not only does it help to grow but also to generate profit. In the earlier days, there was only one type of marketing known as traditional marketing. However, now there is another form of marketing called digital marketing.

  • Traditional Marketing –This is an old form of marketing where many companies relied heavily. Although this method is old, few companies still prefer to use this form of marketing. Addition of ad banners, advertising, door-to-door marketing, etc. are some of the methods of this form of marketing.
  • Digital Marketing – It is the new version of marketing. With the help of digital platforms, a company’s product or service can be promoted.

The Differences

  • Communication – Both can offer communicating with customers. However, digital marketing makes it quicker and easier over traditional marketing.
  • Global Reach – When it comes to reaching your customers globally, digital marketing is way faster than traditional.
  • Time – Promoting a business is faster via digital marketing allowing companies to save a lot of time and focus on other tools.
  • Work – The work of traditional marketing requires an individual to travel more. Whereas, digital marketing can be done from home, coffee shops literally anywhere. All you need is a laptop and an internet connection for digital marketing work.
  • Potential – Since technology is going to keep improving, this is going to have a better impact on digital marketing.

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