The Planning Stages of Digital Marketing


In order to feel a sense of achievement, it is important to have the correct and best plan. For instance; imagine you are waiting for your personal interview where the interviewer is going to ask you particular set of questions. If you give unnecessary answers without proper planning and thinking, then you are bound to get rejected and lose the job. In the same manner, doing digital marketing also requires proper planning before it is to be executed. These are some of the important planning stages of digital marketing.

  1. Have Clear Objectives – From the start, it is important to have clear objectives. This will ensure the work-flow goes smoothly and no sort of confusion arises.
  2. Understand your Target Audience – After setting clear objectives, now is the time to segregate your target audience. Come up with a decision as to whether you are targeting the rich, average or the low-income people. Do this and then head over to the next step.
  3.  Understand and Learn from your Competitors – Ignoring your competitors will only result in loss. Make sure you are not in denial and learn about what and how differently your competitors do when it comes to dealing with their customers.
  4. Do Not Ignore your Budget Limitations – Digital marketing being cheap does not mean you are going to spend only a penny. There are tools where the rates are obviously different from one another. Moreover, if you require assistance from the bank, then you need to consider how much EMI you can pay.

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Storefront Signs And Awnings Help Stores In Different Ways

The old fashioned way of marketing your products and services to the local consumers is putting up signage in front or on the facade of your store. However, in this progressive world, more and more business owners integrate others fixtures on their storefront for the benefit of the consumers, and theirs. One of the new ways in marketing that benefits businesses are putting up NYC signs and awnings.

The letters and images that the owners should place on the awnings should be big enough to be read by people who are even more than ten feet away from the store. Indeed, the time, effort and money that they have spent in establishing those signs will all go to waste if it does not attract any consumer. Moreover, the shop where they are getting these fixtures should have the type of paint that will not easily fade away.

As obvious as this may sound, the entrepreneurs can have the awnings customized. They can choose the style of this fixture that will improve the aesthetic value of their structures. Moreover, it is important that the fittings have compelling short message, as well, that will convince lots of passers-by to enter their stores.

Other than the compelling message, the signs should have the necessary information on it. The bits of information can be the full address of the store, the contact numbers, and the products and services that they produce and deliver. Therefore, if a consumer is looking for a specific good or service, they can just look up at your sign.

The signs serve as the guidepost, as well, for consumers. For the new business owners, there are times that people will find it hard to locate where their store is, with a sign that has big letters on it, and with their big logo in it, the consumers can easily locate their store. This is also ideal for new residents of the town, this will help them in easily look for the stores that their new neighbors have recommended.

The awnings will give the customers safety. As climate change worsens, one can walk in a sunny day, and end up returning home wet from the rain. As the customers enjoy the food or whatever the company serves, their customers will not worry about getting wet from a sudden rain or getting their skin burned due to the scorching heat of the sun.

However, the huge benefit that businesspeople can get from this is that they are able to reduce their energy consumption. Needless to say, most structures need electrical power in order for those structures to be comfortable. With an awning, the employees of a store can open up their windows in order for the sunlight can come in, therefore, they will not have to rely on using artificial light.

However, there is an advantage on letting sunlight in, their wood floorings can easily fade. With an awning, however, enough light can come in without really damaging floors and other stuff that are made up of wood. Hence, they can still maintain the rustic theme of their interior, and can save for their furniture will last long.

Difference between Digital and Traditional Marketing


Marketing is regarded to be the most important tool for the success of any business. Not only does it help to grow but also to generate profit. In the earlier days, there was only one type of marketing known as traditional marketing. However, now there is another form of marketing called digital marketing.

  • Traditional Marketing –This is an old form of marketing where many companies relied heavily. Although this method is old, few companies still prefer to use this form of marketing. Addition of ad banners, advertising, door-to-door marketing, etc. are some of the methods of this form of marketing.
  • Digital Marketing – It is the new version of marketing. With the help of digital platforms, a company’s product or service can be promoted.

The Differences

  • Communication – Both can offer communicating with customers. However, digital marketing makes it quicker and easier over traditional marketing.
  • Global Reach – When it comes to reaching your customers globally, digital marketing is way faster than traditional.
  • Time – Promoting a business is faster via digital marketing allowing companies to save a lot of time and focus on other tools.
  • Work – The work of traditional marketing requires an individual to travel more. Whereas, digital marketing can be done from home, coffee shops literally anywhere. All you need is a laptop and an internet connection for digital marketing work.
  • Potential – Since technology is going to keep improving, this is going to have a better impact on digital marketing.

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